Reading Recovery is not available in all schools across Canada.

While the Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery works with school systems to implement this early intervention program, it is up to the Provincial or Territorial Education Ministries or individual School Boards or Districts to determine if Reading Recovery should be implemented as part of their early literacy strategy. 

Choose your province or territory and find out who to contact to ask that Reading Recovery be implemented in your community. 

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I am writing because I am concerned about the number of children who are reading below grade level by the time they get to grade three. About 20 percent of Grade 1 students have difficulty learning to read and write and they receive no intensive intervention until sometime in Grade 3! This is not setting these kids up for success later in life. And what’s most concerning to me is that there is an intervention available but it is not implemented in all schools. 

When children are sick, they go to the doctor. When kids have a sore tooth, they go to the dentist. 

When young children are struggling to learn how to read and write, they also need to get help from expert teachers. The Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery has been teaching kids in Grade 1 to read for more than 30 years; these experts are specially trained to teach kids in a way that is personalized for them. And it works.

Reading Recovery is an early intervention program that has 75% of children reading within 20 weeks. Kids receive one-on-one lessons during the school day with a Reading Recovery teacher for just 30 minutes. I’ve heard parents, teachers and school administrators applauding the program because these kids show a 100% improvement! It takes just 40 hours of teaching to help them catch up to their peers. But despite its success, Reading Recovery is not available in all schools across Canada.

Reading Recovery is not in all schools. Students in schools where Reading Recovery is available are making tremendous strides in their reading and writing skills! We know that kids who struggle with reading and writing at an early age often continue to struggle well into adulthood resulting in underemployment, criminal activity and low self-esteem. But in our local school, children are struggling to learn how to read because they don’t have any intervention available.

I know I am not alone in asking you to consider implementing Reading Recovery in (school/school board). It’s an investment on your part in the professional learning of teachers and the achievement of young students. I know it takes resources, both staff and financial commitments. But this is a worthy investment in children. When the facts show it works, how is implementing it in all schools even a question?

I hope you will consider this request and will contact (name/email/phone) to take action now.


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School Trustee or Division/District Administrator

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